Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Rimka is currently not accepting NEW patients until possibly December. Current clients are seen via Zoom. For updates, follow IG or FB.

 please review the following before calling:
#1 The practice is now 100% VIRTUAL health coaching

What is a Virtual Health Coach?

Dr. Rimka now consults 100% of the time via phone and Zoom. She has transitioned along with a growing number of health providers to offer “telemedicine” and is able to help more people from more places around the globe no matter where she is in the world. This provides many benefits to you such as more  flexibility inn scheduling, less time off work, less scheduling sitters for children or elderly, less time commuting, less exposure to infectious disease in waiting rooms, more frequent access to your provider, increased compliance and results.

Dr. Rimka can see clients in rural or remote areas as well as hectic, traffic laden cities simultaneously. Costs can be lowered for you as the practitioner overhead can be dramatically reduced. That savings can  be passed along to the consumer and outcomes have been proven to be BETTER for telemedicine clients.

What is a Metabolic Appointment?

The office is 100% virtual at this time. All appointments are done via phone, ZOOM or comparable technology.

We do offer some tech devices for rental use at home. Many therapeutic devices are available for purchase.

Ours is a truly integrative approach to your health. Most offices that offer our services do not offer all of them simultaneously. We do not just look at your brain. We look at everything that influences your brain. This includes your entire diet spectrum of food, light, air, electricity, water, magnetism, and thoughts.

Even if you KNOW you want neurofeedback, you may not be a viable candidate. This is for Dr. Rimka to assess and decide if a QEEG is even warranted. ***QEEG brain maps are not available at this time. Everyone doesn’t need an immediate brain image. But the connection to systemic inflammation, gut disorders, pathogen disorders such as Lyme/strep/PANDAS, and hormone issues such as thyroid disorders often being the root cause of the brain imbalances we see and address with neurofeedback DOES necessitate Dr. Rimka manage those driving forces first.

Do you take insurance?

No. We do not contract with or process claims for any insurance company. 

What does it cost?

Some of your conditions are a sprint while others are more of a marathon. Generally speaking, a simple sleep disorder will take less time, energy, and money than brain damage or Autism Spectrum.

Prices for each service will be listed within each service and are subject to change.

Services will be paid in full before an appointment will be scheduled.

Can you help me?

We can’t promise results as every client is different and may respond differently to care.

Generally we see clients make great progress with neurological issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder and others as well as systemic problems related to digestion, inflammation, sleep, nutrition, toxicity and lifestyle choices. 

But if you are COMPLIANT, meaning you do what is recommended for the amount of time I recommend, then you will be like every other compliant client I have: satisfied, well, and gratefully telling  your friends to hire me.

Does it really work?

Please see testimonials in our Success Stories for inspiring stories from our clients.  We cannot guarantee results. In our experience, almost all clients experience some improvement. Those who are committed to their health most often make excellent progress. At the same time, the best answer to this question might be, “The program will work for you about as well as you work for your program.”

Can I continue taking my medications or should I stop?

Do NOT stop taking your prescribed medications when  you come to see if you will be accepted into the practice. Our therapies work in conjunction with  your current therapies, and Dr. Rimka will work with your providers to customize your plan despite your medications.

What’s the youngest/oldest patient you accept?

We see infants to 95+ years olds. The type of therapy provided will vary by age, however. Neurofeedback is typically reserved to 8 years old and older but we have trained as young as 4 years old based upon severity of condition and immediacy of need.

Do you see clients out of state?

Dr. Rimka is a Health Coach for clients all over the country providing metabolic, lab consulting, and neurotherapy support virtually anywhere.