“Neurofeedback is considered the most significant advance towards positive transformation since the discovery of meditation.”

-Matthieu Ricard, Buddhist Monk and author

Neuro: Greek origin, combining form; relating to nerves or the nervous system
Spirituality: the quality or state of being concerned with religion or religious matters; the quality or state of being spiritual

Neuro-spirituality isn’t a real word, yet. But it is the best term to describe an emerging field that is attempting to use technology in a positive way to access the deepest parts of our “original source” selves. Technology brings a love/hate relationship forward in many of us whether or not we are aware of it. Advances in technology have created comfort, safety, convenience, ease, and life-saving/life-prolonging advances beyond many of our wildest dreams.Yet, it also brings with it distraction, disconnection, isolation, irritation, and a host of other physical and social ailments. This article is about being able to use the best of technology to possibly offset the negatives it brings into our lives. We can use technology to train the brain for awakening collectively as a species. It will only cover a small area of this vast topic. I give a much longer presentation on this topic in the office or for large groups interested in Spirituality and Consciousness and its relation to Neurology.

The expression of our spirituality is governed by our neurology. Is your neurology orderly and peaceful, or is your neurology disorderly and chaotic?

Currently, as a species, humanity is collectively operating from the lower brain structures associated with the lower chakras of the mind-body system. This is centered on survival, competition, separation, instinct, pleasure, territory, fear, and power. It is associated with the more primitive, animalistic brain sometimes referred to as the reptilian or lizard brain. What if we could quiet this part of our brain? What if we could easily activate the newer, higher centers of the brain that are rational, efficient, flexible, self-aware, self-regulating, and govern spiritual consciousness, unity consciousness, and super consciousness? To operate from the parts of the brain that can govern and quiet the pure instinct driving the lower brain means operating from the higher chakras associated with expression, clarity, wholeness, and universal energetic information access.

Definitions to Help the Conversation

brain: an organ of the mind
mind: a vehicle of consciousness
consciousness: primary source; creates the brain and the mind not vice versa

There are ways to use technology to open the brain to stabilize it, create order, quiet or activate desired regions, and decrease chaos. The brain is a 3 billion year old bio-computer in a liquid medium capable of astonishing feats of holographic activity and healing. No electrical engineer, neuroscientist, computer scientist, physicist, or physician on earth can fully understand how it can do what it does without short circuiting or breaking down repeatedly. It is electrical, chemical, magnetic, and also composed of and emitting light (photobiotic). There are a lot of various energy and communication systems intertwined to create the dynamic system of a living human being. Yet, the entire system has one great need to be as efficient as possible.

This need to overcome chaos and entropy by the brain leads to routines and habituation. Habituation can be seen as the process of creating grooves in neurology which lead to rigidity. Efficiency is the goal, but rigidity can lead to cognitive distortions. We have what scientists have labeled Default Mode Networks (DMN) in the brain. These are created from making routines and habituation. The DMN is the self-referring part of the brain, but it is based upon learned conditioning, social scripts, and trances we fall into unconsciously. The DMN keeps us in our patterns we learned from our parents, family structures, cultural conditioning, etc. The lower reptilian or limbic brain is actually increasing the DMN activity. Part of what the DMN does is it tends to move some of our false beliefs/scripts to be stronger drivers of our patterns. We become bound to these faulty belief systems in our DMN that govern our life choices. If we can quiet the regions of the brain involved with the DMN, we can allow the brain to watch its behavior differently. We can allow ourselves to pay attention to our lives with presence and observe. You can finally see the answer to the questions, “Why am I doing what I don’t want to do? What am I resisting knowing?”

This paradox allows clarity and an awakening of the magnification of consciousness.

This increase in self-awareness can lead to insight and a choice to change patterns and core beliefs. This upgrade in your DMN can lead to spontaneous increases in creativity and problem solving. The brain experiences profound activation and profound relaxation simultaneously. This paradox allows clarity and an awakening of the magnification of consciousness.  Access to our own information via the extremely fast brain waves called gamma waves (binding frequency) that tell the brain that it is present and self-referring nature but are NOT a part of the pattern driven DMN.