QEEG Brain Map

A Brain Map or QEEG is a type of brain imaging. It provides the best temporal analysis of the brain. It is detailed analysis of your specific brainwave activity throughout your brain.

We gather this information by placing a number of sensors on your head via a neurological cap similar to a swim cap. While wearing the cap, we record the strength of the key frequency bands.

Our equipment then analyzes this information via large normative databases of other brains in your age group, and we can generate a picture of the electrical activity of your entire brain. This is called a QEEG or brain map. The “Q” tells which areas of the brain are over-active, under-active, as well as which frequency band is not being well regulated by the brain.

It is a painless procedure that provides valuable information about the structure and function your brain in real time. It is the first step in neurofeedback therapy.