Lose Fat Easier Now with Zenith – Click to Order!

As an added bonus, watch out for the FREE Beta Program that I will be launching together with Danny Vega. It won’t start until around the middle of October. This will contain free exercise suggestions from a world-class expert trainer and a community who will support you and give you their own personal tips and tricks as well! Aaaaannndddd… you will get to watch ME do leg day with my trainer….The Marine. That will be funny, painful, or whatever depending on your personality – she always laughs at my moans! You are encouraged to work out for FREE alongside me while I pay for a trainer.



Purchase a 2 or 4 pack at checkout. The company is so confident in the results, that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Please note, most of the weight loss happens in the second month and the longer you are on the product, results increase.

  • Why do we need to pay a $50 subscription and what is it for?

Your $50 allows you access to a membership website that contains mindset programs, workout videos, exercise tips, dietary tips, health coaching, and other DIY activities that will help you become healthier. Not only that, you get a $25 discount per bottle on your first 2 bottle minimum purchase and succeeding orders.

  • Why do you need my SSN?

Aside from the above benefits, you will also be automatically included in our Member Referral Reward Program where you can invite your friends and family to join your weight loss journey. With any successful referrals, you can earn credits and/or commissions and that’s considered income by the IRS. Rest assured that we don’t see your SSN. 

  • What if I want to wait for the launch?

That’s perfectly fine! But if you join my FREE 8 Week Fat Loss Challenge with Danny Vega, you will get your product most likely weeks after we start. See below!

Lose Fat Easier Now with Zenith – Click to Order!


In 2009, studies proved that a double-patented product that contains ONLY two all-natural ingredients – plant fiber and fatty acids could do the trick of bringing balance to the brain’s hormone communication. In just 8 weeks, obese women almost 40 years old saw their blood labs and bodies changed dramatically! They lost over 20 pounds of pure body fat- not water weight, not lean mass – pure fat as measured on a DEXA scan, as well as lowered leptin by 43% and raised adiponectin (to raise metabolism) by 116%.

Leptin is a signaling hormone that helps regulate appetite, weight, insulin, sex hormones, immune system, thyroid & more. It is made by your fat cells. Too much fat means too much leptin. Too much leptin for too long destroys the brain’s ability to “listen” to the leptin. Leptin resistance means that your brain has shut off listening to the excess leptin – kind of like a mom learns to “shut out” listening to her constantly whining kids after a while! And increasing adiponectin means better fat burning and cardiovascular health!