Clean Mineral Make Up

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What makes Synergie so special?

In a growing clean beauty market (where certain ingredients are “banned”), Synergie products are notable for an even better feature: Clean Science®, a formulating principle that combines the best of botanicals with the latest cosmeceutical science.

They believe that it is what makes them standout in the clean beauty arena, where other lines exclude anything that’s not “all-natural” or has been produced in a laboratory. But as cosmetic chemist, Synergie’s founder Terri Vinson has access to a host of leading edge, laboratory-derived cosmeceutical ingredients that are proven to benefit the skin, from the surface to right down in the DNA of skin cells.


As long as such ingredients are safe and sustainable, Terri is willing to look at using them in her formulations – which we believe makes Synergie products more effective than ‘feel good’, only-natural cosmetics.