Founders story

"Guided by Spirit, I sought mentors who taught me the art of divine connection."

In a world of health myths, I stand as a disruptor and a peaceful rebel. My eclectic background mirrors the myriad roles I've embodied for those seeking healing—from a personal trainer to a spiritual advisor. The resilience of Detroit, my upbringing's crucible, has forged my determination and self-reliance. A teenage sports injury and a chiropractor's touch revealed my purpose: to mend minds and bodies beyond the limits of conventional medicine. My education became a personal battle against the silent suffering of mental illness, a fight fueled by my family's own encounters with incarceration and addiction. My path took a transformative turn when autism entered my family's life. It thrust me into the depths of functional medicine, neurofeedback, and genetics, shaping me into a warrior for the invisible, disregarded, and disenfranchised patient populations. Guided by Spirit, I sought mentors who taught me the art of divine connection. My healing hands are informed by this spiritual journey, leading me to teach, heal, and open practices that embody my holistic philosophy.

Today, I am a pure vitalist at heart, dedicated to the psyche and expanding my understanding of wholeness. I listen to your  body's silent language, guiding each person back to health starting with spiritual and emotional health.