Challenge Requirements

You will get all of the expertise and coaching for FREE (a $900 value).  The only requirement to join this challenge is that you must be willing to use a hormone-signaling supplement for 8 weeks. The supplement we are using has been proven ALREADY to decrease leptin & increase adiponectin, two key hormones that, when not at the right levels, can seriously hamper fat loss. In a double-blind, placebo controlled study, this two-ingredient patented product was shown to significantly decrease leptin & more than double adiponectin. This led to an average pure fat loss of 21.3 lbs compared to 10.8 lbs in the placebo group. So many of us have tried several approaches with little success, and we believe this could be a major factor sabotaging those results. To order the 8-week supply follow this link: Order from Coach Melissa!


  • Why do I have to pay $50?
The $50 enrollment gives you a membership which includes access to mindset programs, workout videos, exercise tips, dietary tips,, and other DIY activities. Not only that, you get a $25 discount per bottle now and going forward.
  • How much do I have to purchase?
Purchase a 2 or 4 pack at checkout for a cost of $270.00. The company is so confident in the results, that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee. Please note, most of the weight loss happens in the second month and the longer you are on the product, results increase.
  • What if I just want the product, and don’t want to participate in the Challenge?

As of Thursday, Nov. 17th, you can purchase a single bottle at $165 or $145 if you Subscribe to Save. But this will not gain you entry into the Fat Loss Challenge.

  • Why do you need my SSN?
You will also be automatically included in our Member Referral Reward Program where you can invite your friends and family to join your weight loss journey. With any successful referrals, you can earn credits and/or commissions and that’s considered income by the IRS. Rest assured that we don’t see your SSN. Order from Coach Melissa!