The Scamdemic winner amongst all scamdemics ever, the Great Plague of 2020, continues to leave a charade of comedy in the wake of its evil.

I had the great misfortune of seeing how deep C0VID Theater continues to run last weekend. My son has a deadly allergy to peanuts, and at a high school dance, he ate some chicken. Turns out, he shouldn’t have. He ended up needing to jab himself with his epi-pen, and I met him and a teacher at the ER of the Children’s Hospital of Atlanta late Saturday night.

Picture it: Atlanta, 2022, Children’s Hospital Emergency Room. A dystopian quarantine line that everyone must stand in to have a weird camera screen scan their faces without any permission or consent to publicly display body temperature. A person sits at a table, being paid I assume, to hand you a mask and enforce you wearing it and recording your temperature before you walk into the ER.

You do realize in this scenario we are trying to enter a fracken HOSPITAL where sick people are supposed to go in the middle of the night, right?

Let me add, when you say, “My son is in anaphylactic shock. He is having trouble breathing. His throat is closing, and his throat and sinuses are hurting and burning,” the obvious and expected response from a doctor is, ” Well, let’s put a mask over his mouth and nose. That should really help him.”
Can you feel my sarcasm?

Can you sense my disdain?

Seeing the waiting room full of children of all ages and sizes being forced to play along as unwilling actors (while in obvious pain and distress) in the farce that is C0VID at this point by this institution was enough to make my blood literally boil.

They’ve lied about everything.

When will we find the courage to stop submitting to this psychosis and delusion?

It’s ok to change your mind. It’s ok to admit you made a mistake. But it is not ok to continue to not read real science, not use common sense, stay stuck in cognitive dissonance, remain faithful to political parties over facts, and to keep choosing comfort over courage in the face of evil.

Because make no mistake, what is behind the charade of this theater is pure evil.

If you are still in the dark about all this, you need to turn off your TV, and get over to other information sources such as the Telegram, and where voices are less suppressed.

The best voices in my opinion are not those of Joe Rogan or McCullough or Malone…why would I take advice from the guys promoting and pushing vaccines from day 1 of their careers? Controlled opposition is a real thing, so be very careful who you choose to idolize. If Malone was so smart he would never have INVENTED a technology to alter human mRNA.

I am more interested in discovering the real truth without placating the Rockefellers and Rothschilds funding receivers of the world. I recommend you listen to Andrew Wakefield MD, Andy Kaufman MD, Sam Bailey MD, Tom Cowan MD, Stefan Lank PhD, and Dr. David E Martin…they’ve been right about this since day 1, when I thought they were wrong, or at least under-responding.

Nope, they were out-thinking everyone including a lot of people I respect like Jack Kruse, Del Bigtree, Peter Attia, and every physician and virologist I was listening to for support in those first intense 4-6 weeks of the Wuhan announcement of lies. Everyone that went after them needs to give them all a big fat apology. I doubt it’ll happen, but at least you can go find out some truths about the lies you’ve been told about this scam and many other scams brought to you by the CDC, the WEF, the WHO, NATO, and the UN.

This is far from over.

I hope you realize once a liar, always a liar, and never trust a psychopath.

And the psychopaths here are MANY – including Fauci, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, and more.

And, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, shame on you for your lack of intelligence and common sense when serving terrified families at their most vulnerable time of need.