Fat Loss Accelerator Group Course

“It’s going to be a journey. It’s not a sprint to get in shape.”

-Kerri Walsh Jennings

An 8 week community course co-taught by Dr. Rimka and two personal trainers Danny Vega, MS and Melissa Hazen, MS. Topics covered included how to accurately estimate your resting metabolic rate, how to increase your metabolism safely, how to lose fat without losing muscle or bone density, macro calculators for various eating plans, weekly group coaching, complete 8 week gym or home based workout plans, video guided workouts and explanations, hormone balancing, the physiology of fat, and guided hypnosis and mindset training to facilitate faster healing.

Although this cohort group has closed with 500 members, we will offer a new 8-week cohort in 2023. Stay tuned to the emails for announcements. But click below to learn more about what to expect: Get the Details for the 8-Week Fat Loss Challenge