set your goals

“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

Mother Theresa

Goals at BBS are in three categories : Stop Suffering, Self Improvement, and Spirituality.

I do not diagnose or treat physical or mental health conditions; however, many people have experienced a significant reduction in those areas in the office.

In my ideal, utopian world I am gently carried to the office on the back of winged Pegasus and slide down a rainbow into a pot of delicious chocolate and no one needs to talk about pain, illnesses, diseases, or diagnoses in my office.

However, I realize I do not live in Candy Land, and people are suffering from named and diagnosed disorders, sometimes including myself.


This common language does make it easy to cluster together groups of similar symptoms and track your subjective experience of improvement. After all, it IS very hard to feel joyful and present with your child when you are suffering from the relentless pain of 72 hour long migraines every week.

Conditions and labels are often the reason people are motivated enough to seek help. Pain and poor performance are great motivators to help us redirect our lives. This is where Brain and Body Solutions enters your life if you so desire.

Improvement in your GOALS is ultimately the most important thing. Your success is what matters to you and to us. Most people who seek our help can be classified into three basic groups: people who want to stop suffering from some type of pain or chronic condition; people who are looking to self-improve performance; and people who are looking to enhance their spirituality and emotional growth.

You can navigate below to identify what is your main Goal right now.


The Brain-Mind- Consciousness connection is real, palpable, and can be accessed easier and faster than ever before.

Spiritual Goals can help you increase presence and flow state.