Lack of Confidence

“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”
– Theodore Roosevelt

Lacking the confidence in yourself to take the risks to obtaining your dreams is a guaranteed way to feel unsuccessful. No one can make you see yourself in the same high regard as your closest friends, that is something you need to collect evidence for and prove to yourself.

Quality of Brain = Quality of Behavior

For a great number of children and adults suffering with a dysregulated brain and/or a poorly functioning vestibular-cochlear system inside the ear, their brains are making it more difficult to learn and perform than necessary. Consistently struggling to learn, to read, to pay attention, to focus, to not panic, to shine and to be the star, leads to little opportunities to build confidence in your own abilities and can destroy hopes and dreams for the future. By improving the brain function with these permanent therapies (neuromodulation), you will begin to perform better and start having consistent success. There is no better way to feel genuinely good about one’s self than that.

Success Breeds Success

People feel good about themselves because of their history of achievement. Be it as a small child first learning to walk or a high level executive negotiating the biggest deal of his/her life, pride is gained through successful accomplishment of the task at hand. Achieving a goal creates higher self-esteem and breeds further improved performance and success. Feeling good about yourself is not about what you have or even who you say you are, feeling good about yourself comes through your actions. These actions hardwire your brain with habits of thinking, feeling, and doing.

BBS Solutions

Neurofeedback and iLS Sound can help you become the best you can be in any area of your life. They are very different therapies, yet both are based on the fact that the brain can change its structure and improve its function if it is properly trained to do so. This neuroplasticity of the brain is the basis of all learning. Just like there are tissue changes in muscle after exercise, the brain makes changes after brain training as well. Metabolism increases, oxygen flow increases, and new synaptic tissue connections are made between cells within the brain. The brain learns to improve its own self-regulation.