I had a new patient mention he stopped eating animal protein for the past few weeks. I asked him “Why?” He replied, “I don’t know…I heard it was healthier.” Oh really? If we all just changed our health habits based on what someone said, or what a film showed, we would be in big trouble. 

There is an unprecedented social push towards Veganism again (not consuming any animal products whatsoever). Lots of celebrities are doing it, plenty of faddish and very popular books tout it as the fountain of youth, and the government certainly wants you to think it’s the best way to do everything virtuous ranging from “Save the planet” to “Find a Unicorn.”

But is it really doing everything they say it is doing? Is the biological animal known as Homo Sapiens designed to be an agrarian? I say, HELL NO.

As a former 12 year vegan, I know too well what the cult of veganism grooms into the culture. It is a cult plagued with people who despise themselves and feel they need to be punished for some deep, dark, possible ancestral guilt. Many feel they are violent, racist, animal oppressors and self-identify that the death of a house cat is on par with emotional content as the death of someone’s human child.

I’m an animal lover, but if you think that a cat is the same as my son, something is wrong with you.

The Klauss Schwab rulers of the world and their demonic tentacles of the WEF, WHO, NATO, CDC, and the UN have infiltrated almost all governments, corporations, and medical and educational institutions with their propaganda to make you, and me, entirely too EASY TO KILL.

To learn more about the lies they tell you, check out this documentary called:

FOOD LIES by Brian Sanders: https://www.foodlies.org

If they say bug burgers are good for you, and there is no meat on earth, and we are running out of land, air, and water, you can pretty much rest assured it means the exact opposite: we have abundant resources and they just want you to FEEL like we have nothing, deserve nothing, are worth nothing… you get the idea?

Do NOT trust these creatures in charge that have been caught lying to us all for decades. Follow the damn money, people. The earth is abundantAF.

Scarcity is a lie.