“All the risks are to the innocent children and all the billion-dollar rewards go to the government-protected pharmaceuticals.” Rep. Louie Gohmert (Texas)

I blame too many creatures for the continued state of psychosis we find ourselves in after over two years.

But today, the onus is ultimately not on the CDC, Fauci, the WHO, or the largest convicted felon in corporate history aka Pfizer or the out-of-nowhere-first-time-success-after-chronic-failures Moderna or presidents or governors.  

It’s about to come down to the last gatekeepers parents turn to to help them love, nurture, and protect their children: their family pediatrician.

Because if you didn’t hear, there’s about to be an onslaught against our babies because the FDA unanimously endorsed those experimental injections for infants and little kids.

Every physician takes an oath to “First Do No Harm,” but the government is not your physician, and they aren’t obliged. But, sadly, I am fully confident we are going to see a legion of offices sacrifice that oath and start experimenting on infants and small children of traumatized parents instead of helping calm the nervous systems of these adults and then explaining thoroughly the risk-benefit ratio as to provide valid INFORMED CONSENT.

It is the job of these doctors to pause, read the data, and snap out of mind control because they fear losing their licenses, reputations, incomes, and, of course, those insanely HUGE vaccine compliance insurance bonus checks they get when a certain percentage of their patients are all juiced up.

Imagine that we have dwindled down pediatric practices to making decisions based upon hitting their 90% compliance quotas from insurance companies rather than what’s in the best interest of the whole body health of innocent children? This is how it has been for decades, even if you didn’t realize it.

As I write this, I struggle to decide if I can include images to print out to take to your doctor for fear they will “cancel” and punish me. I’ve had to sit with the thought for two years every time I open my business bank account to see if they have shut me down from accepting payments. Conspiracy? No, it has happened to friends of mine that own IV nutrient clinics. Yes, the government came in and shut down their ability to receive payments into their banks because they are treating people with IV vitamin C and glutathione etc. This is the literal shit we are all trying to navigate to stay in business and help people.

But we are forced to lie, hide, and talk in code, for simply pulling up THEIR OWN DATA!

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It’s not really that much safer, honestly, because of course they can easily use that against me when they attempt to bring in a Social Credit System of sorts. But, these are babies. And adults are about to murder them en masse. 

Dr. Katarina Lindley, a physician and member of the steering committee for the World Council for Health, said data from the CDC from February showed 74.2% of children have already acquired COVID-19 and expressed concerns over Moderna and Pfizer’s data presented to the FDA.

Lindley stated:

“Over 150 studies show that natural immunity is superior. The infection fatality rate under 5 years of age is 0.1 in 100,000 or 1 in a million. The risk of the shot in the already immune is higher than 1 in a million.

“Both Pfizer and Moderna expressly eliminated those that were naturally immune from their study. They did this to avoid the hyperimmune response and possibly death.

“Vaccinating the already immune puts them at risk of having a hyperimmune response. This means you’ll be voting for some children to have a severe adverse reaction and possibly death if you vaccinate the immune. This is bad medicine.”

“The number of severe adverse events affecting children ages 5 to 17 reported to VAERS as of June 3 was 8,811, including 114 deaths and 1,346 cases of myocarditis — a condition that can be fatal.

“We can assume if these vaccines are authorized, some babies will die. The benefits of these vaccines are questionable and the risks are clear.”

-Kathlyn Hinsley stated during the public hearings with the FDA

Honestly, the wild disregard for truth and safety by the FDA doesn’t surprise me, but the sheer ineptitude of an entire branch of medicine to read data and recognize trauma response in parents coming to see them for counsel is far beyond incompetent, it is moving into downright criminal.