Sorry, I missed it, but last month was a bit nuts, wasn’t it? But, I digress, and let’s just skip over the incredibly wide spectrum of extreme behaviors in society that June 2022 brought with it.

You may already know that raising a son has made me passionate about something I never expected: men’s health. I’ve even turned that energy into launching a parenting podcast about raising boys into men in today’s bizarre and confusing society. That’s the StrongMan Podcast with Dr. Rimka, and you can find it everywhere you get your podcasts. It would mean a lot if you subscribe, listen, and give some feedback in the podcast comments. It features a new interview with a man I respect every two weeks. These men have been teaching me so much through their stories of how they developed their minds and hearts to become men of character, honor, and integrity.

What I know as a mother is that men’s health starts with a BABY boy. Through my journey of caring for my once infant, toddler, and rambunctious preschooler, I had an epiphany. Suddenly in my dining room I realized the obvious: one day my “sweet baby boy” would soon transition into a confused, ever-changing adolescent. And then, to my shock and somewhat horror, “Oh dear Mona. He’s going to be a dude, with a beard, and have sex one day?!” He is becoming a MAN! From that moment on, I stopped being a mother of this child, and committed to becoming the mother to the future man. This “ah-ha” moment completely changed the way I viewed him and my new role in his life.

What I know as a doctor, teacher, intuitive, empath, and probably an ancient medicine woman, is that I cannot be the one to take him to that final place. Boys must be taught how to become men from other men. That time when no one could do anything for him like me, where his entire life depended upon my ability to feed and nurture him, does come to an end. Letting him go to learn lessons a woman cannot teach him is a bit scary, and sometimes it leaves me questioning what is my value or worth now that he needs me as his mother “less” or perhaps just in a very different way.

These are the questions, insights, and advice that these beautiful men discuss with me from their own experiences. 

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