my approach to healing

“At our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge. Human beings and all living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to every other thing in the world. This pulsating energy field is the central engine of our being and our consciousness, the alpha and the omega of our existence.”

-Lynn McTaggart, The Field

The Triple Burner

The body system can be seen in a variety of ways. I approach it by seeing it as part of a continuous field. The physical body can be broken down into 1) the gut axis, 2) the heart axis, and 3) the head axis. These are the three major parts that are driving the energy within the physical matter known as the body. In Chinese Medicine, this is the “triple burner” system and where the chi or life force energy is housed. If any or all of these areas are low in energy, the depleted body is easily susceptible to illness and disease pathology. The body can only repair itself if it has enough energy to do so. For healing to occur, energy must be replenished to the depleted areas.  In the office, we directly and indirectly work to increase or decrease your energy as is appropriate for your current health-energy needs.

I also view the body from the mind-body system approach with a stronger emphasis upon the field theory.  You are more than a bag of chemicals. You are more than your electrical brain frequencies. You are more than the light bio-photons your cells emit. You are more than the heart rate variability and coherence measurements of your heart. You are more than the magnetic pulses you create to compose your magnetic field. You are the holographic interplay of all those things. You are a field of measurable bio-magnetic-electric-light-chemical-sound-vibrating matter. Yes, I often want to see lab results that measure your chemicals, because your chemistry is important. It is one way to measure energy of the body, particularly the gut. Yes, I measure and record electrical energy in your brain, because it shows where and how you use the energy in your head. Yes, we measure and record the energy of your heart rate variability, as well, for the exact same reasons to see the energy potential of your heart’s coherence. We look at your biochemistry, your bioelectricity, and your bio-magnetics to help see the complete you rather than break you up into little unrelated, segmented parts.

Your gut affects your brain more than your brain affects your gut, and your heart affects your brain more than your brain affects your heart, and your brain affects your moods and behaviors, but they all affect each other, so you can’t address one while ignoring the other if you want permanent results.

Team You

I want to help you. The entire office works together to help you. We are your team. Whether you are seeking help for your child, yourself, or your aging parent, we can provide support and answers by beginning with your foundation. Whether you need help with anxiety, ADHD, depression, Autism, weight loss, fibromyalgia, migraines, or sleep issues, the Foundation of Health Principles all apply the same. If we need to dive into the details, we can do that, too. However, it is usually not the best place to start.

So if you want to avoid giving your child addictive stimulant drugs if he/she is struggling with attention, concentration, hyperactivity, etc. in the classroom and at home, we can help.  However, many times the answer is already within your control. For example, is he sleep-deprived and simply exhausted at school? Is he eating a breakfast mostly full of breads/grains, leading to a major spike in blood sugar/insulin followed by a violent hypoglycemic crash in class which looks like ADHD? Is there mold in the school or at home causing “brain fog?” Is she forced to sit through long classes and hours of homework with very little time for the HOURS of movement per day that a developing brain requires to grow and learn to focus? How much TV is he watching (as this creates the very same increase in slow theta brain waves that create the problem in ADHD) before and after school? Is the home a place of sensory overload (with TVs, radios, computer screens on in every possible corner) for his developing brain to try and process?

I have seen every single of those above scenarios as the actual cause of the symptoms diagnosed as ADHD. Certainly there are identifiable brain patterns related to various symptoms, however, getting to the root cause of what created those patterns is critical to maximize brain health.