These 2 foods reverse menopause belly!

7 Key Hormones play a major role in burning that stubborn menopause tummy: cortisol, insulin, estrogen, testosterone, ghrelin, adiponectin, and leptin. (I decided to leave out the ever important thyroid, because I will cover that next week!)

And there are 2 foods that help to balance MOST of them: grass and fat. Wait, that sounds like a cow that eats grass and becomes a steak, right? You know I love my steak, but actually, I am talking about ACTUAL grass cellulose fiber and fatty acids, or what many call a prebiotic and an anti-inflammatory form of fats called esterified fatty acids. Hold up, you probably need to learn a bit about how you got that fat belly or fat butt in the first place, right? Let me explain those hormones a little – this is a SUPER BASIC explanation and not comprehensive by any means.

Cortisol is a great hormone released by the adrenal glands primarily that wakes us up and gives us energy. But it also gets released under stress to help us fight or flight. Chronic stress like sugar diets, lack of sleep, blue lights at night, alcohol, loneliness, lack of touching, fear of scarcity, etc. leads to high cortisol. This causes other hormones to induce inflammation and belly fat.

Insulin is released by the pancreas when sugar increases in the bloodstream. Insulin helps store energy by shuttling sugar from the blood into tissues; it often stores excess sugar directly into fat. It is an energy storage hormone. High insulin leads to high fat storage. High carb diets, alcohol, lack of sleep, and stress are common causes of excess insulin release.

Estrogen is a sex hormone that gives women distinct body characteristics such as breasts, extra body fat, round curves. Excess estrogen can lead to belly fat as well as belly fat releases estrogen.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that gives men distinct body characteristics such as a deep voice, facial hair, lots of muscle mass, and decreased body fat. Both men and women have both these hormones, just to largely different degrees. Low testosterone causes muscle wasting and lots of fat, especially belly fat. Belly fat itself causes testosterone to be converted to estrogen – making the vicious cycle just, well, VICIOUS!

Ghrelin is a hunger hormone. When body fat is too low, or leptin is too low, it makes us super hungry to go find food to eat. High ghrelin can devastate all willpower.

Adiponectin is made by fat cells. It increases fat burning; increases insulin sensitivity; increases circulation; decreases gluconeogensis; and decreases inflammation.

Leptin is a satiety hormone; it tells you that you are full and satisfied. It’s made by your body fat. When too low, it kicks on ghrelin so we go eat. If you have too much body fat, you have too much leptin. If you have too much leptin, you have too much body fat.

So too much fat leads to too much leptin, lower testosterone, higher estrogen, lower adiponectin, (lower thyroid hormones), but actually is influenced by high cortisol and impacts ghrelin. It can get complicated because it involves something called HORMONE RESISTANCE.

Chronic high levels of any hormone cause resistance in “hearing” the hormone at normal “volume.” For example, high leptin levels over time cause leptin resistance in the brain. This means leptin cannot enter the brain’s leptin doorways, so your brain THINKS leptin is actually TOO LOW. This sends the message to your brain that body fat levels are DANGEROUSLY LOW. This tells your body to STORE FAT/DON’T RELEASE FAT. So then your body raises another hormone called GHRELIN which makes you feel like you’re starving. Helping your body maintain OPTIMAL leptin can help you get off of this leptin/body fat hamster wheel.

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