Remote iLS




What is iLS?

iLs programs combine auditory stimulation with balance, movement, and visual motor activities. The design of iLs programs is based around the listening component. A simplified explanation of Dr. Tomatis’ findings shows that certain bands, or zones, of sound frequencies affect different abilities. Each product has a specific listening schedule, into which the balance and visual activities are included. These “integrating” body movement activities comprise 15-20 minutes of each listening session and are explained in a Playbook which accompanies each unit.

In a perfect world, all my clients do iLS BEFORE doing neurofeedback for optimal brain healing results.

iLS is amazing for anxiety, vestibulocochlear issues, sensory integration, auditory processing, reading deficits, Autism, ADHD, and anyone too young to start neurofeedback (typically 9 years old is my starting age for neurofeedback, but there are exceptions.) In older adults, iLS often replaces morning coffee because of its powerful brain energizing benefits. It is one of the most powerful anti-aging brain exercise therapies an adult can do to stay powerful cognitively.

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