“You go through this series of painful awakenings when you realize that you’re toxic, and it isn’t trivial.
And that even if you tried, you couldn’t have completely avoided it.”

– Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, Pediatric Neurologist and Neuroscientist

Toxins and Our Cellular Health

In today’s world, toxins from our environment inundate our bodies. Between toxic lighting, non-native EMF, food GMO’s, additives, pesticides, and environmental chemicals all around us, it’s no wonder why so many people in our society are experiencing more chronic health issues than ever before. Many symptoms of today’s diseases are difficult to diagnose, and we find ourselves going from physician to physician looking for a cure only to be left frustrated and with no answers. At Brain and Body Solutions in Atlanta, GA, we provide a program to remove toxins from our bodies and our environment that are making us sick, and we make it easy to understand.

Natural Detoxification and Cellular Blockage

Natural detoxification can’t always function in our current environment. We know this because rates of disease are even higher than before, and our environments are even more toxic, making it difficult for our bodies to keep up. We have altered our environment faster than our biology can adapt and evolve. On a regular basis, we experience exposure to an increase in many neurotoxins that our bodies can’t remove. This exposure leads to our natural cellular ability to detoxify to become blocked. This lack of natural detoxification is why we potentially see an increase in thyroid disorders, hormone imbalances, autism, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and weight challenges. In most instances, fundamentally this at the level of damaging the mitochondria within the cell. Repairing the structure and function of the mitochondria and cell wall membranes is critical in true cellular healing.

Disease and Cells

Inflammation begins at the cellular level and is the connection to all disease. Inflammation ultimately means: a breakdown in communication leading to lack of understanding and chaos. For any detoxification to work well in the body, the solution is to start at healing communication within the cell. Regular detoxification is imperative considering our current environment. The good news is we can heal our cells with an approach called True Cellular Detox™. This process includes the 5R’s of True Cellular Detox and Healing. Following these steps allows a body to remove the barriers of healthy communication.

How to Get Started

Let us help you get started on healing your cells from the inside out by setting up an appointment with our team to understand more about this detoxification process. We can discuss your particular health situation and see if the True Cellular Detox program is right for you.

How Does it Work? – The Three Phases

True Cellular Detox works by increasing cell communication both in and out of the cell. This filtering movement allows the body to heal itself through its natural detoxification process again. There are three phases of the process that come together with the 5R’s.  The first is allowing the downstream natural detox pathways in our body to move; the second is enabling the upstream pathways to heal and target the cell; and the third is utilizing true binders that assist in removing the toxins completely out of your body and not causing further damage along the way like many other “cleanses” on the market.

The Prep Phase

During the prep phase, downstream detox pathways such as the liver, kidney, and colon are the target with the end plan of improving cell function and pathways to move toxins out of the body. Enabling all the cellular pathways to open up and filter toxins in and out is the detoxifying process.

The Body Phase

During this phase, a true binder, CytoDetox™ goes to work. This strong binder creates a concentration gradient and helps move toxins from areas where they are highly embedded. It will reduce the toxins to a lower level in the cells before removing from deeper tissues like the brain.

The Brain Phase

The Brain phase is where the magic begins. This is where a fat-soluble agent is brought into the process along with cycling CytoDetox into the brain to remove the neurotoxins. This step creates a breakthrough as it removes the toxins in nerve tissue that are the root of why many patients haven’t been able to get well. Once the toxins are out, then it helps the body to begin to heal itself. The body is always healing, we simply need to remove the barriers so it is more efficient.

5R’s of True Cellular Detox™

R1: Remove the Source

Finding out what toxins are in your home and damaging your body is imperative to this detox process. Many toxins are bringing damage to your cells and body and once identified they should be removed from your body, diet, and environment using the True Cellular Detox plan.

R2: Regenerate the Cell Membrane

In a healthy and normally functioning body, the bi-lipid fat layer of the cell membrane would allow for toxins and nutrients to flow in and out. However, if the cell is inflamed, then it can’t cleanse those toxins out. The toxins stay inside the cell. When our cells aren’t working right, they can’t respond to the hormone receptors on the outside of the cellular membrane to function properly.

R3: Restore Cellular Energy

If our cells are unable to detox, they can’t regenerate properly. Mitochondria that produce ATP (which is energy) can’t work right either. If our nutrients can’t reach the cell, we can’t produce ATP properly. It’s important to get ATP functioning again to produce energy and cellular function. Your mitochondria control your nuclear DNA expression.

R4: Reduce Cellular Inflammation

Consuming too much refined sugar and grains, oxidized fats, and other toxins from food, we experience inflammation in our cells. Toxic cosmetics, air pollution, cleaning products, and toxic lighting also inflame our cells. We can reduce inflammation by removing these items from our food, water, and our home and work environments. 

R5: Reestablish Methylation

Methyl groups help us do practically everything! They turn stress hormones on and off. If they are in depletion, then our body tends to be in a state of stress over and over again. Methyl groups play a part in detoxification, DNA protection, epigenetics, neurotransmitter balance, and hormone metabolism. If methyl groups are low, they can’t perform their job.

Still Not Sure and Want to Learn More?

Watch these informative video interviews on the True Cellular Detox Program and how it can help you heal.  They will explain how toxins can be the root as to why you still can’t get well or have interrupted hormone function and dysfunction.

How to Get Started

Let us help you get started on healing your cells from the inside out by setting up an appointment with our team to understand more about this detoxification process. We can discuss your particular health situation and see if the True Cellular Detox program is right for you