Many of our youngest clients find school quite challenging. Making the right educational choices can make a significant difference both for the success of the student and the harmony of the family. Education Coaching helps parents work together to find the best educational option for their children, reducing stress and maximizing success.

All services are with Karen Gimnig, a seasoned classroom teacher spanning various classroom settings in different states, continents, environments and disciplines. Karen is also in training to become a Certified Imago Professional Facilitator.


First uncover your goals and values for the education of your children. Then connect with your partner as you explore together how those values fit with the school choices you have made and may be making now.

(2 sessions, 1 hour each) $150

School Visit

With permission from the teacher, Karen will go and observe in your child’s school. Then Karen and parents will meet together and discuss what she saw and ideas to help improve your child’s experience at school. We will follow up by meeting with your child’s teacher to make suggestions and work out plans for improvement.

(1 school visit, 2 hours; follow-up session, 1 hour) $300

Home Visit

Most often a home visit is helpful for a family setting up an educational program. It can also be helpful in creating homework routines or supporting learning at home in any way.

(1 hour home visit) $125

School Review

Based on your parameters, Karen will research school options that might work for you and create a report comparing how each would help your family meet your educational goals. Karen will meet with you to discuss the findings.

(Written report, 1 hour session) $125