Energy Therapy

Every experience, feeling, and thought carries an energy. This energy is electromagnetic in nature and vibrates at a specific frequency. The human body, like the earth, is surrounded by a detectable and measurable electromagnetic field. This field, a vast information center, carries emotional energy from all our experiences. Our emotions are known also to reside physically in our bodies as chemical messengers and interact with all our tissues and cells. So you can see, not only can emotions store in your energy field, but they can remain physically in your body as well.

How does A Stored Emotion Affect Me?

Sometimes memory stores along with an emotion because of an unbalanced situation in the past. When the mind-body enters a similar situation, it will replay the past emotions to figure out how to deal with the present. In this way, the stored emotion can affect the way we look at and respond to life today.

How Do I Remove Detrimental Stored Emotions?

Specialized Kinesiology is a non-invasive and gentle method to analyze and balance an old stuck pattern. It allows the doctor to update the emotion with a centered frequency allowing you to enjoy optimum health and a deep sense of peace. Specialized Kinesiology uses gentle and proven muscle testing (the natural resistance of your muscles) to establish a “yes/no” dialogue with the practitioner. It honors and respects your system. This method removes guessing and allows easy access to subconscious issues because the body doesn’t make mistakes, and the body lists its priority.

Powerful Clearing Combo

Specialized Kinesiology used in conjunction with Soul Focused Healing (based on Alice Bailey’s Esoteric Healing) to address the etheric bodies and chakra system and safe, gentle Chiropractic care to address the physical body is a powerful and effective way to balance and clear your body-energy system. It allows you to take responsibility for your health and happiness while under the caring and trained eye of a skilled professional.