You’re so over it, right?

I get it, and I don’t blame you. The weight loss industry is rife with gimmicks and scams, and you may have tried everything under the sun and you are STILL dangerously high in body fat. Why? 2/3 of all Americans have an unhealthy body fat percentage and are classified as overweight. 1/3 of all Americans are obese, which is defined as a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30. This includes 1 in 6 children being clinically obese. This is a serious health crisis. The current estimate is that by 2020, over 50% of all Americans will be obese and diabetic. What is going on? Why has it become so hard for people to stay lean and healthy?

Stop blaming yourself.

The cards are stacked against you. Farmers and food have been replaced by a “food industry.” Food has been replaced  with laboratory designed “food by-products” engineered to make you addicted to their products and increase your appetite.  This scenarios sets you up to consume more manufactured chemical-laden artificial foodstuff products and to increase profits for the industrial food complex. We, the people, have been brainwashed into believing “marketing and profits” are the same thing as “science” and the basic truths of human physiology. When most Americans eat what they think is a “healthy choice” for a meal, it is often shockingly the very type of meal that causes the obesity and other inflammatory diseases that accompany obesity. You are left “trying so hard” and yet get terrible results, and you think that you are “weak” or lack willpower.

Forgive yourself.

The first step to making any progress is letting yourself off the hook. You have been lied to and deceived by multiple industries. We (science) understand physiology and how the body is built to thrive. You haven’t been taught to eat based upon these principles. But you can learn. You are not weak. I have never met a single repeat dieter whom I would ever describe as not having tremendous willpower. You are strong. You just need to learn the truth. If you need permission, let me give it to you: this is not your fault, and you can learn how to get the results you desire in a safe and comfortable way.

Be grateful for the fat.

The moment you realize your fat has been your greatest asset, and you are thankful for it, you will finally be able to release it. Body fat is a number of things that many people do not consider. The main thing we have been taught is that it is an aberration meant to be viciously scraped and sucked out of our bellies by a machine. Here are some facts about your body fat you may have never considered:

Fat is essential for life. It surrounds every nerve, encircles every cell, is the structure of every hormone, and makes up roughly 65-70% of your brain matter.

Fat is the cleanest and most efficient energy/fuel source for all your cells but most significantly your brain.

Fat is an insulator and keeps you warm and protected.

Fat is a great storehouse of dangerous toxins. Fat sequesters toxic poisons away from your vital organs such as your brain and liver.  Your fat cells are loaded with toxins to protect you from allowing them to create massive damage by circulating in your blood stream. Your fat cells keep your brain from being exposed to more DDT, mercury, aluminum, zinc, glyphosate, lead, antibiotics, sulfur drugs, plastic estrogens, etc. Sit with that for a moment. Your fat could very well have saved your life.

This is so important, I will say it again: your fat cells are protecting you from all the dangerous poisons you couldn’t safely process out of your body. It saved your life.

Fat is an endocrine gland that releases leptin. Leptin is the “master” hormone and regulates body weight by communicating directly with your brain via the hypothalamus. Did you know your fat is the largest endocrine gland in your body? No, you probably didn’t, because you have been trained to hate it, not to love and appreciate it. Leptin is the hormone that tells your brain you are full and satiated and to stop eating. A big problem with our current weight epidemic is the poor hormonal regulation of leptin.

Fat is the product of and therefore a sign and symptom of chronic inflammation and chronic high blood sugar; fat is a great biofeedback device to allow you to make changes in your behavior to increase your overall health and vitality.

Start Over.

Yes, you can start over and achieve success in your body fat and body weight maintenance goals. Losing weight is a terrible long term goal, but being your healthiest self is a great one. Teaching you how to maintain your best self for a lifetime of pleasure is my goal.

We offer multiple ways to learn how your body fat is your friend and how to maintain it to healthy levels:

Private consults, 4 or 6 hour live workshops in the office or at your organization, 90 day True Cellular Detox group complete programs

Downloadable ebook written by Dr. Rimka outlining her unique weight loss approach focusing on forgiveness and gratitude to drop the “wait” in your life COMING SOON!