Getting Started with Neuromodulation and Neurofeedback

Neuromodulation is specialized care designed for each client. Determining the program that will be most effective and most efficiently meet your goals requires us to evaluate all the information available about your health, your history, and your goals.

Step One is a conversation with our office manager. Karen is a great listener and Dr. Rimka has trained her to know which questions to ask to help you determine the best intake process for you.

Call Karen Now

She is generally available Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 2:00, or you can leave a voicemail any time and she will get back to you. 404-745-9233


Schedule a Call

Schedule a time on our online Calendar and Karen will call you.


Email Karen

If Karen’s regular hours don’t work for you, send her an email using our contact form with times that suit you best.  She will return your call.

In most cases your intake process will be a package of two appointments:
Assessment and QEEG
1 hour with Dr. Stephanie Rimka for a thorough review of your health, history and goals.
1 hour QEEG with our neurofeedback technician.

Report of Findings
1 hour with Dr. Stephanie Rimka reviewing findings and explaining treatment options.
30 minutes with our office manager explaining logistics of care including costs, scheduling and ordering of supplements.