Axel, the D.O.G.

Director of Greetings, Special Needs Service dog in Training

Axel joined the practice in 2014 after a short rehab stint in the Dekalb County Shelter. This 16 pound shed less bundle of joy brings comfort and peace to everyone he meets. (Well, except maybe the UPS drivers. There must be something about those brown outfits he doesn’t like.) Axel knows what it feels like to be hurt, scared, hungry, sick, and all alone. And now he lives to comfort others going through any discomfort. He has his few special places of retreat when he’s tired of letting you pet him or licking off your face. We ask that you respect his need for breaks when in the office. This clause is in his contract with BBS, and his fines are really expensive. Help us keep our costs down by leaving him alone if he is sleeping in any of his cubbies.

Axel is under training to be a certified Therapy Service Animal. Despite having to have both his ear canals completely removed, Axel can still hear but only through the bones. So you might have to repeat yourself so he can hear you or figure out where the sound is originating. This makes training and passing an exam more of a challenge with his Special Needs. But we believe everyone is special and no need can’t be met. Sometimes he does sleep on the job, but most days he will greet you and show his belly for your opportunity to rub it. We ask you never feed him or bring him treats due to his special diet. Yes, he eats caveman style!