Sensory Integration and ADHD

“We highly recommend Brain and Body Solutions for children with sensory challenges as opposed to the routine reliance and potential dependency on medication that render children passive and unresponsive to their growth. We are the parents of a 9 year old boy, who have exhibited a high level of sensory challenges that manifested themselves during pre K. My wife was distraught when the school called her and suggested that he may not be suited for the school without some controlled medication. We began looking for options and a school that better suited his sensory challenges. After some intense research, Brain and Body Solutions headed by Dr. Stephanie Rimka came upon us. The program was twofold, first identify through the observing of brainwaves and their performance respective to varying degree of sensory functions. The program is comprehensive, and Dr. Stephanie Rimka is judicious and caring as she explains how the program works and holds your hand along the way. You can feel her positive energy ready to work with your child, and she journeys with them.

We can see how he has grown through the help of the brain training sessions he received. He has learned to swim, to ride his bike, to write comic books, to tell lots of stories, has had both supporting roles in song and dance theatre and school talent shows, been the star of the play “The Emperor Who Had No Hair,” is a member of the boy’s scout, and makes breakfast for mom and brings it upstairs on a tray. He is now attending a public elementary school since September 2016, and is an A student in both behavior and academics. He has had no adverse adjustment to this new school where the class size is now double.

We are convinced that our son benefited immeasurably from the brain training he received with Dr. Stephanie at BBS, and we highly recommend her wherever we can.”

Retired Military
Panic Attack & Social Anxiety

“It is very difficult to put into words exactly how instrumental Dr. Rimka has been in helping my son work through his challenges. Although he graduated from high school in 2014, the years of battling social anxiety and emotional turmoil took its toll on him, leaving him mentally paralyzed. He was unwilling to practice driving on the freeway with his permit, refused to take his driver’s test from fear of failure, and was mostly incapable of walking into a store and applying for a job. Being unable to drive, work, or go to school contributed to him feeling even worse about himself. Despite being very intelligent, he was so anxious that panic attacks were very common to the point he couldn’t even speak.

Throughout 2015, Dr. Rimka worked with him through Neurofeedback, nutrition, counseling and some good old fashioned tough love. It was not always easy. At times he regressed and stopped eating and caring for himself. Dr. Rimka knew he also needed a therapeutic male influence, but his anxiety was so intense in the beginning that he had panic attacks on the day of the appointments for that therapist referral. So she continued to balance his brain and reduce his anxiety so that he would feel safe enough with someone besides only her. By bringing Jeff into the therapy process, my son was able to finish the last steps in his care. The combination of Dr. Rimka and Jeff’s love/support/wisdom and a touch of helping his brain “grow up” was what he needed.

I am so proud to say that today, my son has a license, is working 20 hours a week, drives a car he saved for and bought by himself, is taking his supplements (on his own), and making plans for his future. In addition, he smiles all the time and seems genuinely happy! He would not be where he is today without Dr. Rimka and Jeff. The gratitude and love that we have for them can never be expressed. I will be bringing my entire family to Dr. Rimka, and I highly recommend her to my clients, friends, and family.”

Massage therapist
Migraines, TMJ pain, Stress

“I originally came to Dr. Rimka for help with severe and debilitating migraines and TMJ pain that even with multiple medications and injections would sometimes not get any better. All I could do at times was lay in bed until I managed to pick up my daughter from school. Working as a personal fitness trainer, this meant losing the ability to work and the stress of declining income was terrifying. I also had severe stomach pain and overall just needed a lot of help figuring out what was going on in my body since I took such good care of myself with diet and exercise.

In that first adjustment, when she put her hands on me, I felt like her hands were powerful and healing. I would come in in extreme pain and leave pain free. She is caring, a great listener, makes herself available when you need her most especially in a crisis,and is very attentive. Dr. Rimka is also very knowledgable about nutrition, up to date science and therapies, and uses very good professionals for referrals if you need it, which I did. She finally helped figure out what what causing the stomach pain and had the best physician referral to help me resolve it as well.

We also did neurofeedback for the migraines and stress. She saw me through a very rough time in my life of realizing my marriage needed to end and my special needs child needed to change schools. All the time, she was so caring and made me feel like a priority no matter what. Thank you and keep up the good work!”

Personal Fitness Trainer and Warrior Mom
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