Personal Fitness Trainer and Warrior Mom
"I originally came to Dr. Rimka for help with severe and debilitating migraines and TMJ pain that even with multiple medications and injections would sometimes not get any better. All I could do at times was lay in bed until I managed to pick up my daughter from school. Working as a personal fitness trainer, this meant losing the ability to work and the stress of declining income was terrifying. I also had severe stomach pain and overall just needed a lot of help figuring out what was going on in my body since I took such good care of myself with diet and exercise. In that first adjustment, when she put her hands on me, I felt like her hands were powerful and healing. I would come in in extreme pain and leave pain free. She is caring, a great listener, makes herself available when you need her most especially in a crisis,and is very attentive. Dr. Rimka is also very knowledgable about nutrition, up to date science and therapies, and uses very good professionals for referrals if you need it, which I did. She finally helped figure out what what causing the stomach pain and had the best physician referral to help me resolve it as well. We also did neurofeedback for the migraines and stress. She saw me through a very rough time in my life of realizing my marriage needed to end and my special needs child needed to change schools. All the time, she was so caring and made me feel like a priority no matter what. Thank you and keep up the good work!"