MBA student
25 year old man suffering from severe, debilitating OCD, anxiety, and depression: Client: "I am doing phenomenal, I have never felt this great, physically or mentally, in my life. I am finally starting to have a clear head with way better moods and an overall positive outlook on life. My OCD, Anxiety, Depression, etc. are virtually obsolete. The changes in my diet along with the detox programs, coffee enemas, fasting, and neurofeedback have been invaluable to my recovery. You have been invaluable on my healing journey." Family: "Thank you for what you have done for our son. I believe you have had a huge part in saving his life. There is nothing worse for a parent to not have the ability to help their children. It is literally crippling. Our entire family is forever grateful for what you have done. We believe you go beyond what most doctors do and feel that you genuinely care about people and their family !!! We love you and thank you again."