Sales Executive
"I brought my 8-year-old son to Brain and Body Solutions because I was concerned about his physical, social, and cognitive development. One of my particular concerns was that he wasn’t able to learn to ride a bike. As his birthday approached almost 2 months later, we had a lot to celebrate. He was asking for a new bike for his birthday! There were so many things that had changed about my son. Now he was able to ride a bike, and he was so proud of his accomplishment! He was able to tie his shoes, to cut with scissors, to hit a ball with a bat, and to hold his pencil properly. His reading and musical abilities on the piano improved. He could dance to a beat, and he was actually asking for healthy foods! I never thought I’d be making green smoothies with my son because he WANTED them. Dr. Rimka and her team gave my son a full health makeover. I look at all the changes she slowly and gently taught us how to make, and I am so grateful we were led to you. My son can fulfill his purpose, and I know it is such a unique and impactful one! Without Dr. Rimka’s dedication and expertise, this wouldn’t be possible."