There wasn’t enough buzz around Green Lantern with Ryan Reynolds to go see it at the theater a few years ago, but thanks to boredom and the internet, I eventually saw it. It wasn’t very good, to be honest. Not even Ryan Reynolds could make this anything like the Spiderman franchises. There’s my disclaimer, along with warning you there is foul language and violence in the movie. It is not advised for children. However, I do think you should watch it. But watch it within a certain context. I was pretty much blown away at the levels of how we as a society are creating the space and understanding of the physics behind creation and manifestation. I never read comic books, so I am new to this genre, but so far, Green Lantern is blowing my mind.

The comic books have been around since 1940 when writer Bill Finger created the story of multiple Lanterns and the Guardians of the Universe. Who was this guy and how did he KNOW all this? Here is how it works: the ring chooses the bearer. There are many rings and therefore multiple superheroes…from various life forms throughout the galaxies. The ring bestows the special power of controlling the physical world by creating a green energy to take the form of whatever “construct” or form the bearer can IMAGINE. This includes space travel faster than the speed of light, fourth dimensional travel through solid objects such as walls, and even time. The stronger the imagination, the stronger the creation.

That is the KEY. Bill Finger called this WILL. The constructs are only as strong as the strength of each respective bearer’s will, according to the way it is written.  However, I contend that this is the wrong word to describe it. I think this word HIDES the true power behind the ring. This is not a product of the will, but rather the IMAGINATION. And there is another brilliant stipulation about that imagination: it needs to lean towards the positive rather than the negative (i.e. “cynical” will does not create constructs.)

Why does Hal Jordan struggle to use his imagination? He is limited by the fears contained within his belief systems. Imagination requires no effort. It only means opening yourself up to receive communication between your Higher Self and your Physical Self. Our imaginations are the pipeline of information from the above, higher frequencies of our Highest Selves/Minds. It is through this pathway that we can know who we truly are! And each Self and each imagination appears to be like a fingerprint: completely unique to your very existence.  

This is how each Green Lantern can create unique possibilities and manifestations that others cannot. And this is why they train…they are simply strengthening the imagination. To strengthen the imagination is to remove the filters of FEAR that we have that something is not possible. To clarify and improve our belief systems is a way to let the information regarding our truest selves, our deepest passion-bliss-excitement to be communicated to us via our imaginations. And I love the fact that this wasn’t limited to one special person, but rather, there are a lot of them…this power is available for everyone, so the message implies.

It is a simple message of physics and Universal Law that fosters the possibility of there being no space-time continuum like we are taught to believe. That indeed we are the master creators of all that exists. And that by simply imagining it, it must therefore EXIST. Who knew DC Comics could be this deep?