Last week I talked about music frequency and its power to entrain the human body. If you missed it, catch it HERE. This week I want to talk about how to use music therapeutically with a very focused neurological approach. You can SUPERCHARGE music into something PRACTICAL with a little-known modality called therapeutic listening.

Watch the man who trained me in how to use this system along with neurofeedback for many years, psychiatrist Dr. Ron Minson:

Yes, this specially treated music can do all THAT! Through the groundbreaking work of ENT Dr. Tomatis learning that sound was truly a nutrient to the brain and could easily increase attention, concentration, memory, compliance, and IQ in children, iLS has upgraded that work with deeper technology to increase energy, beat anxiety, improve reading, enhance learning, and more!

I offer full remote at-home programs for iLS with no need to come into an office! It is an affordable monthly rental. iLS requires listening to music, doing certain brain balance exercises, and being very consistent. Ideally you listen to music 1 hour per day 5 days per week. That’s 5 hours per week. However, we can get results with only 3 hours per week. It will just take longer over time to complete your protocol.

And many young children or those with severe sensory deficits can only handle the strength of this therapy 15 minutes per day. It is not a rapid paced change, but rather a beautiful, slow process to rebuild brain function from the bottom up including opening up the ears to hearing a full range of frequencies.

The average iLS music therapy system takes 3 -6 months. It requires commitment, but the results are coming from stabilization of the nervous system that most schools, therapists, and therapies completely ignore. Ditch the tutor and grab the MUSIC this summer!

Why should you consider a home program? Well, if you want these results for your child from the comfort of your home (or better yet the park!), listen to this Occupational Therapist (OTR) outline the benefits for your kids in just 6 minutes:

Reach out if you want to learn if iLS with me is a good fit for your family.