Who knew we’d still be in the “upside-down” two years later?

Since nothing makes sense, everyone is chronically confused, and censorship is at an all-time high, I decided: this is the perfect time to blog again! 

But, the limitations of captions on IG/FB where I post 2-3 x/day consistently, leaves me feeling unsatisfied at times. So I will start offering very specific content on this blog- almost all. brain health only related content. 

Because brain health is very spiritual and all about elevating consciousness, I will end up talking about that here, too.

I will use this space to talk about the classic things I help in practice such as ADHD and insomnia, offer you book suggestions, explain various brain therapies in more depth, and talk a bit of practical neurology and parenting strategies as appropriate.

This will be a bit more “clinical” me, and less “social media” me.

You can expect weekly posts at first. I hope you enjoy learning and will share it with your friends!