The Signature Series with Dr. Rimka

Do you feel exhausted, confused, and afraid? I believe you deserve to feel healthy, informed, and empowered. I’d love the chance to teach you how easy and relaxed it can be to rebuild your body, brain, and mind the smarter way.

As a Health Truth Teller, I stand for your right to Health, Knowledge, and Personal Development. I offer self-guided courses, community support, and nature-centered healing retreats for women and men just like you to get results from anywhere in the world.



Welcome to the forefront of health and wellness innovation! Our comprehensive online course on peptide therapy is a game-changer for biohackers, athletes, busy professionals, and even overwhelmed moms. Dive into the fascinating world of peptides and discover their remarkable impact on health and well-being.

Radiant Reset

It’s time to fall in love with yourself again. Throw out everything you ever thought about nutrition, healing, and even being a woman!

This is the start of your Glow Up.

Step fully back into your body in safety- through love not criticism.


The Body

Serenity Science

“Biohacking for busy moms and doctors” course takes you into the 100X world of stacking secret modalities and therapies. Take back your sovereign power over your healthcare by fueling your mind with rare knowledge.

Never be gaslit by another mediocre doctor again!

The Mind

Goddess Glow

You went into your body, then your mind, and now it’s time to dive into your heart, your pleasure, and your desire. This is a purely experiential healing circle that meets live. There are no recordings. You will move from the apprentice to the teacher.

You will let your Glow radiate upon and uplift others.

The Heart


You started a business to have Freedom, Fun, and a Full Bank Account! But lately, it might be feeling hard? No doubt, this has been a crisis moment for many businesses.


Whether you want to create more money, more health, or more love in your life, using visualization as your realization tool will change your life just like it did mine.

Bomb Body Blast

You want more muscle and less fat? You want personal trainers, gym routines, food plans, macro calculators, DEXA scan analysis? Then this is the program for you.