“Perfection is not when there is no more to add, but no more to take away.”  – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Everyone has experienced those rare occasions when we slipped into “the zone” and performed better than we ever thought possible. Our focus and attention was sharp and our emotions were calm and still allowing our trained skills to shine outward. What if you could be in this state whenever you desired? How would it feel to consistently perform at this level?

Flow State

We are all designed to be in this state of effortless concentration and optimal pleasure. Flow state allows your awareness in the present moment to be high enough that no distracting thoughts or stressful conflicts can arise to disrupt the “flow” between your mind and body. Often a way to know you have experienced a flow state of mind is when you have been so immersed and engaged in an activity that you completely lose track of all time; it’s as if those past 6 hours felt like only 15 minutes to you.

Balance your Brain to get into Flow

The top champions in any field, whether athletics, business, entertainment or creative arts, have a key advantage in staying calm, focused and present as pressure and tension in any situation increases. They possess an emotional stability that allows the performance take precedence rather than anxiety, tension, self-consciousness, or negative mind talk. They can more easily find their flow state.

Neuroplasticity is the Solution

The brain can change its structure and improve its function if it is properly trained to do so. This neuroplasticity of the brain is the basis of all learning. Just like there are tissue changes in muscle after exercise, the brain makes changes after brain training as well. Metabolism increases, oxygen flow increases, and new synaptic tissue connections are made between cells within the brain. The brain learns to improve its own self-regulation. Neurofeedback, iLS Sound, Chiropractic, and Functional Nutrition can help you find your flow state faster and more consistently.

Neurofeedback teaches you how to relax with what you do by releasing any disruptive patterns you bring to your performance. You will learn to consistently relax your central nervous system, be more present to what is surrounding you and be better able to respond. Integration and stability of your central nervous system leads to sharper focus, increased attention, deeper sleep, improved memory, enhanced creativity, and stronger confidence to bring your best self to handle any situation.

iLS Sound also creates peak performance by teaching the brain to relax by grounding or calming the brain through bone conduction. Alertness, focus and energy are improved by stimulating the ascending reticular activating system (ARAS). Both systems are very effective for athletes and executives. iLS is a great complement for athletes because of the active engagement of motor, balance and visual motor activities required. Physical coordination, balance, and proprioception are directly improved with iLS.

Unique to iLS is its ability to improve musical ability and thereby performance. iLS directly improves the ability to hear all ranges of sound, calms the listener, and improves motor skills required for instruments. Also, sound stimulation is received by more parts of the brain than any other sensory input. This includes the limbic system, which plays a major role in our emotional well-being. This is perhaps one of the reasons why so many iLS users experience such dramatic increases in self-esteem and confidence, both critical elements to consistently high performance.

Chiropractic care is widely recognized as improving sports performance to the point that increasing numbers of professional teams have a Team Chiropractor present at practice and games. An area often not considered is how proper spinal movement affects proper transmission of nerve messages to the brain. If the brain is getting faulty information from the start, the brain is incapable of making the best decision for a motor response. In old computer programming terms, garbage in will lead to garbage out. By keeping your nervous system as flexible and adaptable as possible you increase your chances of achieving flow state.

Nutrition is crucial to peak performers. In this highly competitive world, it is fractions that might distinguish you from your competition. Aligning your nutrient plan specific to your genetic biochemical individuality could be the key to your ability to reach your peak.