I can’t stand the phrase “cheat day.” It’s not just semantics. Words have meanings. Sound is creation.

So instead of describing yourself as a CHEATER what if you were a PLANNER?

Planned Indulgence Meals are very different from Cheat Meals. Cheating is defined as:

  1. “An act of deceptionfraudtrickeryimposture, or imposition.” 
    • a deception for profit to yourself.

Nothing about that FEELS GOOD to your psyche. It can quickly lead to some high-level debauchery that could last not just one meal or one day, but carry over into an entire weekend.

Holidays are coming. Parties are coming. But you still need to lose belly fat; reverse diabetes; ease your arthritis pain; stick to building bone density; support your “autoimmune” illness recovery; stay on track with your CellCore detox protocol; and fit back into your favorite dress or suit on New Year’s Eve. The best way to stick to a conscious eating plan that supports your love for yourself this holiday season is to PLAN INDULGENCE MEALS.

You’ve got a BANK ACCOUNT of indulgence meals you can withdraw from; you get 1 meal per week.

That’s 4 per month. Plan well, and then enjoy the LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of your mom’s Thanksgiving stuffing, mac and cheese, and pumpkin pie.

All success comes down to a good plan. Indulgence can be a part of your plan. Do not do ANY severe self-correction like extreme fasting or exercising the day after; there is no need to punish yourself. You simply PLAN for a small reduction of 50-100 calories per day (a pat of butter or sour cream less here and there) to compensate for the Indulgence meals.

Planners Rule! Cheaters Suck!