Success Stories

"We highly recommend Brain and Body Solutions for children with sensory challenges as opposed to the routine reliance and potential dependency on medication that render children passive and...

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Marlon and Kim

Retired Military

"It is very difficult to put into words exactly how instrumental Dr. Rimka has been in helping my son work through his challenges. Although he graduated from high school in 2014, the years of...

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Massage therapist

"I originally came to Dr. Rimka for help with severe and debilitating migraines and TMJ pain that even with multiple medications and injections would sometimes not get any better. All I could do at...

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Personal Fitness Trainer and Warrior Mom

My 24 year old daughter had been undergoing treatment for a mental illness for 5 years prior to seeing Dr. Rimka. She had severe anxiety and issues with sleep requiring anxiety and sleep...

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Anonymous mom of an independent, healthy client

"We first came to see Dr. Rimka at Brain and Body Solutions in December 2010 to try neurofeedback for our then 5-year-old son who is on the Autism Spectrum. What impressed me right away was that she...

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Elizabeth S.

Warrior Mom

"I brought my 8-year-old son to Brain and Body Solutions because I was concerned about his physical, social, and cognitive development. One of my particular concerns was that he wasn’t able to learn...

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Sales Executive

42-year-old woman in a 12 year marriage on the verge of divorce: "I think neurofeedback may have saved my marriage. For years my husband has harbored destructive self-shaming thoughts, guarded by...

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Special Needs Mom

"Like many of her patients, I came to Dr. Stephanie with a complex set of problems—autoimmune disease, insomnia, fatigue, and depression. I was specifically looking for ILS as I had been told about...

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Professional Artist

18 year old suffering from depression- results strictly from the TCD detox protocol “It’s like all the weight of all the pain of my life started coming off my body. I lost 25 pounds, my grades were...

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College Student

23 year old suffering from 10 years of Ulcerative Colitis with no remission from her GI physicians despite multiple medications..and within 4-6 weeks here is her life: "I am doing fantastic!!...

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10 year old with ODD, ADHD, mood disorder, rage: "My ten year old found himself spiraling down into a great abyss. It was manifesting through destructive violent behavior on a regular basis. My...

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Atlanta, GA

"So yeah this device is a fricking miracle! Have slept hard the last two nights and am starting to feel like a functioning human being again. Considering my zombie sleep-deprived state on Tuesday,...

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Attorney Atlanta

"You are truly gifted and it was unanimous that it was the best healing experience we've ever received. “Jeff” and I felt great on all levels! Initially, we were physically aligned and reached a...

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Reiki Master Healer

I don't even know where to start about Dr. Rimka and her practice except to say I'm a raving fan. I am a 55 year old woman who was going through a big crisis after a series of disappointments in...

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Real Estate Agent, Mental Health Advocate Speaker, and Singer

25 year old man suffering from severe, debilitating OCD, anxiety, and depression: Client: "I am doing phenomenal, I have never felt this great, physically or mentally, in my life. I am finally...

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MBA student

"I have referred several of my clients to Dr. Rimka for neurofeedback. In conjunction with my therapy, the clients who have completed neurofeedback, have, in my opinion, experienced increased...

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Cynthia Cosson

Licensed Professional Counselor, DBT Intensively Trained, Imago Therapist