Mood Disorders

My 24 year old daughter had been undergoing treatment for a mental illness for 5 years prior to seeing Dr. Rimka. She had severe anxiety and issues with sleep requiring anxiety and sleep medications. Dr. Rimka was recommended by her DBT talk therapist. Her therapist said that she had seen good results for other patients seeing Dr. Rimka dealing with stress, anxiety, and sleep issues. We were only hoping to stop sleep medications. But I also agreed with her therapist that she seemed over-medicated as she was on other anxiety and depression medications as well.

“Honestly, I thought of neurofeedback as “hokey” and not a real treatment. I was reluctant when I heard Dr. Rimka talking about other patients who had their psychiatrists wean them off psychotropic medications, because I was fearful about my daughter stopping medications. It had taken a long time for her to reach a certain level of stability, and I did not want to risk losing that.

She received about 20 neurofeedback sessions, and I am truly amazed at the difference in my daughter. I feel that the neurofeedback in conjunction with ongoing therapy made a huge difference. She was less anxious and was able to finally get off of Ambien and her antipsychotic medications. She has achieved a level of stability and function that I did not ever expect.

I loved that Dr. Rimka really listened to her and explained the process thoroughly. She gave her the tools for self-regulation with anxiety that my daughter didn’t have. And, Dr.Rimka helped heighten the awareness about the relationship between diet and mental health. This was especially important for the sense of empowerment it gave my daughter to affect her own mental health. She is happily married, working, and fully functioning now.

I have much more respect for neurofeedback and the impact it can have on the brain than before. It is a non-invasive tool that can aid a person in healing. And I appreciated Dr. Rimka taking the time and interest to get input from the family, her therapists, and in explaining the process to us all so we felt safe.

Dr. Rimka really seems to care about her clients. She changed our lives. Thank you!”

Autism Spectrum, Sensory Integration, Anxiety, Focus

“We first came to see Dr. Rimka at Brain and Body Solutions in December 2010 to try neurofeedback for our then 5-year-old son who is on the Autism Spectrum. What impressed me right away was that she recommended things (diet changes, supplements, probiotics, etc.) we could do on our own before starting the neurofeedback/brain training. She was interested in getting our son to the best “physical place” first so he would get the most benefit from the brain training. We started with just my one son, and sure enough everyone in the family now receives excellent preventative health care ranging from supplement coaching, immune system building, chiropractic care, weight loss, stress management, and more. In fact, the office even provided consulting to help me realize a big part of the problem for my son’s recovery was not under his control because it was stress created by what was happening to him during his school day. And, they helped my husband and I learn Imago communication skills so we could be on the same team as partners in choosing how to help our boys.

Dr. Rimka has been an invaluable source of information, inspiration and healing for our whole family. We are glad to be permanent Practice Members keeping our entire family healthy.”

Warrior Mom
Sensory Motor, Vision, Speech, and Focus Deficits

“I brought my 8-year-old son to Brain and Body Solutions because I was concerned about his physical, social, and cognitive development. One of my particular concerns was that he wasn’t able to learn to ride a bike. As his birthday approached almost 2 months later, we had a lot to celebrate. He was asking for a new bike for his birthday! There were so many things that had changed about my son. Now he was able to ride a bike, and he was so proud of his accomplishment! He was able to tie his shoes, to cut with scissors, to hit a ball with a bat, and to hold his pencil properly. His reading and musical abilities on the piano improved. He could dance to a beat, and he was actually asking for healthy foods! I never thought I’d be making green smoothies with my son because he WANTED them.

Dr. Rimka and her team gave my son a full health makeover. I look at all the changes she slowly and gently taught us how to make, and I am so grateful we were led to you. My son can fulfill his purpose, and I know it is such a unique and impactful one! Without Dr. Rimka’s dedication and expertise, this wouldn’t be possible.”

Sales Executive
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